E³.series Base Modules

E3.Schematic editor for developing electrical circuit diagramterminal lists, equipment lists, cable list, connection tables and more.

E3.Cable editor for Wiring and cabling of electrical & electronic components.

E3.Fluid generate hydraulic, pneumatic and process circuit diagrams.

Cost free module for only viewing E3.series documents & schematics For documenting changes during commissioning & production phase.

E³.series Optional Modules

E3.Panel editor for generating panel layout and wiring controls, also in 3D display.

E3.3D Routing Bridge enables the transfer of electrical cabling details (connectors, terminals, splices) to the 3D MCAD.

E3.Form board editor used to create 1:1 working templates for cable harness.

For data exchange between OEMs and harness manufacturers, E³.HarnessAnalyser provides a comprehensive tool set for visualization and analysis of wire harness drawings in the standard HCV container data format.

E³.series Optional Modules

E3.Topology editor distribute components & generates harness automatically.

Multi-user functionality enabling more than one user to work in parallel on an E3 project. E3 projects are stored in a SQL or ORACLE database.

Document all physical and graphical changes between design iterations. Automatically produce engineering change order documentation.

Used for designing and documenting the electronic circuits used in the creation of Printed Circuit Boards.

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